Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wish Jar

I am trying to convince my hubby that it's time to have another baby (our youngest is going to be three in October). He said that if I save $2000, we can seriously talk about it. So guess what I did that very day?

I went out and bought this big jar and decorated it and stuck it in my kitchen. I am really motivated and will be putting all my extra change and extra earnings in here so we can "talk" about having a baby. Talk about baby hungry!! That's me! :)

On another note, isn't it a cute jar? I decorated it with our new Crushed Curry and Soft Suede ink, paper, and ribbons - since if we do end up having another one (cross your fingers!), we won't know if it's a boy or girl - and yellow and brown are pretty neutral. You can make fun of me if you want to - I don't care!! :)

One of my friends, Wendy, says I should take it with me to my Stampin' Up workshops and classes and ask for donations. How hilarious would that be???

I'm thinking of making another (smaller) jar for my son who is in kindergarten right now. That way when he does chores, he can put his money in there and watch it grow!!


  1. Cute project. It would be hilarious if you take it along. Hey, you might get some donations! Guess I am too late for saving up money before we have another one!

  2. I have a jar too but it is for new couches :) I think I need ribbon too :)
    TTYL - Eden